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I received this book for free electronically from Amazon. I was intrigued by the title. Much of my reading time lately has been spent reading blogs instead of books. I have found many blogs regarding the topic of frugal living and have been enjoying them immensely. Not only are they practical (how can you not like saving money?) but they also are entertaining to follow.

So when one of them pointed out that Amazon Digital Services had this book for free then I downloaded it immediately fearing it was a one day only deal.

I enjoyed most two separate topics Mr. Karp outlined.

The first was advice regarding stockpiling. Mr. Karp advised us to buy items on sale and stockpile them for future use instead of going to store and buying what you need. I thought this was a clever strategy considering we would be buying what we always buy but in a different order and paying less because we are stocking up at the best price.

The second strategy was advice on the trap of always having a car payment. Mr. Karp says to keep going and pay off the car you have but then keep it an additional three years and pay the payment to your savings account. At the end of those three years you buy a car for cash (saving thousands in interest) and continue to pay your savings account (earning interest). Very smart, indeed.

I not only enjoyed this book but found the advice given to be well thought out and practical.


An interesting tale of a woman’s journey to find herself. I wish she had written about her time in Japan. I was looking forward to the contrast with her travels in the Ukraine and Tanzania. I think it took Julie Powell great courage to write a book that exposed so much of herself. Julie’s moral compass is certainly not mainstream. However, I was taught that what other people do in their bedrooms is their business.

I would love to visit the butcher shop in New York and see her with my own eyes. I hope she has found some resolution, some peace in her world.


A lovely jaunt from what looks to be the grandson of Dick Francis. I enjoyed it quite a bit. An engaging story with just enough Francis fear to be a page turner. Finished in two nights. This is a quick one.


The description of each month in Provence is a delightful journey through the seasons. The food is described in such exquisite detail that your stomach will growl. The words to describe the landscape make the pictures in your mind come alive with the vivid descriptions of the characters that inhabit them.

One of my favorites. Always such a pleasure to read.


A wonderful book I got for free from amazon in the kindle form. This should be massively popular. A joy to read. Very interesting statistics. Jamie Lee Curtis is the sexiest woman with her gorgeous steel colored locks. I hope I age so gracefully.


My favorite book of all time. Read it for the hundredth time today. The story is about an adopted girl and the path she takes to find her birth parents.

For me, the book is about having the courage to be yourself, to go out into the world and find your life.

It is a sweet book and sad. I am always on the verge of tears when I read it.

Thank you Lois Lowry. You are my idol.


One of my absolute favorite books. Very high on the list of must reads. In the true Dick Francis’ style, this book is centered around the racing world and includes fantastically developed characters. Mr. Francis has a marvelous talent of painting pictures with his words. This is available electronically.


A very cozy and fast read. Two nights under the covers. Not drenched in sex or a lot of drama this book is a lovely and light description of Los Angeles, Paris, and Marseille. Peter Mayle is one of my favorite travel authors.


This is one of my favorite books. It is held in such high esteem at my house that it stays in my kitchen and not on the livingroom bookshelves where 98% of my books reside.

My very best Sunday pancake recipe is lovingly borrowed from this book.

So much of our lives center around “conveniences” that a our grandmothers never had. What’s more, many of those choices aren’t huge timesavers and their expense is astronomical.

This is a number one priority book. And now that thrift is back in fashion, what could be a better time than this to pick it up?


This was fast and fun book. It was a great one night stand for me. Witty, funny and with a strangely plausible story behind it. This is great for a weekend on the beach next summer. Grab it at your local used bookstore and tuck it in your beach bag.